The Georgia Tech Academic Team officially represents the Georgia Institute of Technology in intercollegiate academic competition. Our team has been playing competitively for the last twenty-five years. Our faculty advisor is Mary Hudachek-Buswell of the College of Computing.

Academic competition is a game consisting of teams of four players competing on questions of an academic nature. Teams play each other with a buzzer lockout system and answer questions spanning a wide variety of subjects, including literature, physical science, history, fine arts, and the social sciences.

Georgia Tech normally plays a format established by the Academic Competition Federation or the National Academic Quiz Tournaments. ACF play is untimed and rounds are standardized at twenty tossups worth ten points each and twenty bonuses worth up to thirty points each. NAQT play has 15 point powers and can be untimed or have 11 minute halves. Tossups are read to all players, and the first player that buzzes in must answer correctly within five seconds. If he or she does not answer correctly, then his or her team is assessed a five point penalty, and the tossup is continued exclusively for the other team. If he or she does answer the tossup correctly, then points are awarded and a bonus is read exclusively for his or her team.

Traditionally, Georgia Tech has fielded one of the most competitive teams in the nation and in 1996, won its first official national championship. Six former players have made appearances on the Jeopardy! game show, including the 1989 College Champion and a regular 1-day champion. Many Tech players that have graduated have gone on to other schools and either improved their teams or started that school's program.

The Georgia Tech Academic Team has a proud and cherished history and the current team intends to uphold that lofty level of accomplishment.